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Kim Keresturi

Do what you love, love what you do!

Yes, most days I can honestly say that I love doing what I do! Over the years, I’ve changed my style of practice from mostly a physical based therapy to a more holistic, nurturing approach.  I endeavour to offer a massage experience that is guided by knowledge, intuition and intention. I listen carefully to you before the session and continue to listen to your body throughout the session. Invoking relaxation within the body is central to my work.

My unique style of massage has been enhanced by my intuition and years of experience with Swedish massage, pressure points, Hot sticks and Stones, Thermal Palms, Reiki and other energy work, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, fascial techniques, Mayan abdominal massage, Body Memory Recall and yoga training. I continue to seek learning opportunities to enhance my skills in order to provide my clients with an ultimately relaxing massage experience.

 I’m fascinated by Ayurveda and other mind/body practices and have an innate curiosity and commitment to expand on this knowledge; not only to guarantee my longevity in this field, but also to help others reach their wellness goals.” Thriving — not just surviving!” I now offer wellness coaching packages for individuals or for pairs.

Outside of massage therapy…you might find me hiking, in a yoga class, or listening to live music. I love to blend a variety of my interests like music, movement and other inspirational writing or journaling. I especially like to create and hold women Dance circles, called “Dance our way home” based on the work of Erica Ross.  These events are created around a theme and the idea is to come with an open mind, and open heart, allowing yourself to be touched by the support of music, dance, and each other.  This dance practice is nourishing to self; a time to explore and discover, and to feel a sense of community.

One other important note…There is a difference between getting a good massage and a great one. Of course, I have my ideas about what a massage should and can be; as I weave my knowledge, intuition and intention into  my time with you… but I’m equally  interested in your input as I like to custom design massage sessions. So, PLEASE state your preferences and if they change from time to time. What brings you in for a massage? What type of environment suits you best?  Do you like energy work? Are you ticklish? Are there body parts you dislike having massaged? (Someone close to me is adamant that no one touch her ears!  Not many people have said this to me, so I’m counting on you to tell me these things) Also, I would like to know if you like heat or not, music or no music, style of music, talking or silent, scents or not, depth/pressure and if there’s anything else you feel would make your experience better, please share it with me.  I’m all ears….and hands!

Big blessings,   Kim